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27 December 2005 @ 01:05 pm
hi everyone. i got a new car for christmas... and the guy i love... yep, Ryan/Hash and I are FINALLY together again... oh how i love him so...

i gotta go to work at three so i think i should go and get something to eat.


--- by the way, i went to get my tag today and it is gonna be mailed to me and it is gonna say :


freaking sweet,yo...

okay... later...


"The S..."
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24 December 2005 @ 08:06 pm
hey there woties...

i'm in louisiana right now...

I have awesome news to share with you all...

My best friend, Ryan and I are officially going out. We are gonna try for it and make it work. I know we can and I am willing to do the long distance thing...

besides... it's not so bad NOW THAT I HAVE A CAR!!!!!

that's right, woties! I got a new car today! '96 Saturn (car) with only 38,000 miles!!! freaking right!!! it's white with tan-ish interior. cloth. cd player. i cant wait until you all get to see it!

i will return to the bay on sunday- tomorrow. i am staying for a week then coming back to louisiana on friday for new years'.

yeah, Jazz, my car is almost exactly like your old one but mine is white.

have fun in disney!!!

Her name is Lucy... and I love Lucy...In the sky with diamonds...
Current Mood: fullperfectly happy.
Current Music: a song ryan & i wrote together last night. its so awesome...
13 December 2005 @ 03:41 pm
i have no time. i have to go to work.

i hate this place.
someone take me far away.
i am breaking down here.
this place is slowly killing me.

i cant take this anymore.
im making myself sick.
i need to get away.
get away and be done with it.

i cant deal with this.
i cant do this anymore.
i'm tired of being so depressed.
i kdont want this anymore.

i need something to pass the time.
i need something to kill the pain.
i need something to keep me going.
"give me fucking novacaine"

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
09 December 2005 @ 02:47 pm

Well... isn't it funny how people love to start shit? How people love to be the starter of rumors? How people feed off of others' saddness and depression? How people thrive on ruining the lives of others? They just get a kick out of it, don't they? It's like they don't even care what they say, who they tell or who they hurt, just as long as they know in their own minds that it's only bringing about negative attention...

I don't understand it sometimes... But then I realize that this must be the true nature of some people... I guess for so long they've held it in and they just can't hold it in any longer. They decide not to confront the main persons involved in the situation, instead they feel the need to let the rest of the world know-whether the statement be true or blasphemy.

 What really gets to me is that they don't even do any "research" on the topic. They know not if it's true or a lie, they just hear something and decide to spread it about the world...

Don't you just LOVE those kinds of people?

Maybe they can't be changed. Maybe this topic is not even worth discussing... Maybe I should just forget about it and let the world think what they want of me. Why should I care? If it's true then it's true. If it is a lie then it is a lie...

I know the truth. I don't feel that I have to explain myself to the ungrateful people in the world...

So for you, I pray :

"Due to all my merit in the past, present and future, may anyone who sees me, hears me, touches me, thinks of me or speaks of me be immediately released from all their suffering and experience perfect happiness forever..."

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08 December 2005 @ 02:32 pm
that's right. i work at benignos. i make 550 an hr so far. i work 5 days this week with 6 hrs a day. that's a lot of $ 4 me!!!

well guys, i have to go for now, i go in at 3. i'll update more later.


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Current Music: "dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" (on radio)
02 December 2005 @ 03:42 pm
i am definitely glad its friday, i have nothing to do though. i am waiting for beans to come into town and were spose to hang out n cool stuff like that.

i dont know when she is supposed to come into town, though. she was spose to come today but i dont know, she just texted me saying she may not come in until tomorrow.

that would suck because i havent even seen her in a month already, she needs to get her happy ass home already!

well, i think i am going to go for now, i have nothing else to say...



"Support local music!!!"
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: none as of right now...
how are you all doing today? i think i am okay. i just updated my myspace thing and customized it. it's pretty awesome now. i guess... i dont know, i was just fooling around with a bunch of buttons and stuff and i decided to personalize it and stuff. it looks better that what it did, all plain and crap...

sigh... i fear that i will be leaving the state of mississippi... not soon, but one day... after i graduate. i miss all of my friends in louisiana and my heart is still down there-meaning i feel like i belong there. i'm going to move back when i turn 18 or something weird. dont fret, i'll be here for another 9 months or so...

other than that news, i dont really have much else to say. i think i am going to go for now and find something else to do, i'm supposed to go and hang out with corey this afternoon.

peace out, my woties. take care of yourselves and the others around you.

-Jessie Pennington
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29 November 2005 @ 04:06 pm
how are you all doing today? i think i am okay, i'm not really doing much right now, just waiting for corey delhommer to get out of his doctor's appointment so i can hang out with him or something...

i dont really have much to say, we didnt have water at school today, i had to potty and they wouldnt let me go, they said i had to wait until lunch. but lunch was so far away!!! oh well. i held it. but still-it sucks!

well, i think i am going to go for now. i'll talk to you all later.

"並且直到我們再見面, 我喜歡向您告別..."

-Jessie Pennington
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: □什麼
28 November 2005 @ 03:10 pm

Straddled high upon your arrogance,
I feel that I may as well be crumbling.
Turn and try to rescue me from this,
But I can't help but to dissipate.
Waking solemnly to the emptiness inside,
Knowing not of what to wonder.
Maybe I'd be better off
Falling back into this dreadful slumber.
Weeping eyes to match a bleeding soul,
I only make it so blatantly obvious.
What must be done for you to notice?
And isn't it so fucking obvious?
Broken tears of a fallen angel
Find their way into my soul.
How can you say that you don't notice?
Isn't it so fucking obvious?
Twisted, corrupted and shaped into something,
The most complex mind is unable to comprehend.
And every day reminded of my failure,
As it constantly looms over my head.
Contradicting words of wisdom
Meant to get me through the day
Only push me off the beaten path
As I ignorantly go astray.
And the years that have slipped from me in vain,
Escaping through my reluctant being...
Are your senses too dulled for you to notice?
Is it not so obvious?
All this time spent waiting, alone and cold,
The life of your precious goddess.
But can't you see that I would die for this?
Isn't it so fucking obvious?


-Jessie Pennington


Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
28 November 2005 @ 02:44 pm
i havent been eating lately... i dont know why, i'm not doing it on purpose, i just dont go out of my way to eat anymore, therefore, now, i only eat once or twice a day...

so far, since friday, i've eaten a corn dog, like 12 grapes, kids menu mexican from los tres, and a cinamon roll... that's it. since friday. usually i eat TWICE that much in ONE day...

i got really light headed today. during... i think... fourth period... i need to eat... donate food, everyone!!!

well, i dont think i have much else to say, i think i'm just going to go for now, i'm gonna post a poem...


-Jessie Pennington
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